I would like to start with the fact that Canada itself is gorgeous and welcoming. And all the beauty of Canada can be seen not in big cities, which are most often visited by tourists, but in pristine nature. These are the places we recommend you to see …

10. Prince Edward Island

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Green pastures and steep cliffs make Prince Edward Island attractive for tourists who are looking for peace or want to spend a pleasant day on the beach. The island is small, so you can go around it all by car in one day.

9. Ottawa, Ontario

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Ottawa is the capital of Canada and a great place to enjoy Canadian culture.

Changing of the guard on Parliament Hill or the famous march of officers are always popular among tourists, and in the city you will also find world-class museums. There are many parks and bike paths, which can be very nice in the summer. In winter, there is also something to do: the Rideau Canal, which connects the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes, is an ideal place for boating in the summer, and in winter becomes the longest ice rink in the world.

8. Kelowna, British Columbia

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Where do Canadians go on vacation? Kelowna, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, is the Okanagan River Valley, the best climate in Canada. It is warm in summer and moderately cold in winter. The most famous apples are grown in the valley and wine is produced. The valley has a marina and many golf courses. Here you can relax on the beach, and Canadians themselves come here as a summer cottage and stay in small cottages.

7.  Churchill, Manitoba

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Churchill is a small town in northern Manitoba on the shores of the Hudson’s Bay. This city is the capital of the polar (polar) bear (here you can see it year-round), the capital of the beluga (it lives here from late June to late August), one of the best places from where you can see the northern lights (from late November to late March). It is unlikely that you will ever forget the impressions that you will have after visiting Churchill. This is the best place to connect with the many wonders of nature.

6. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a great place to find a lot to see. You can enjoy the city’s nightlife, go skiing in Whistler, or go whale watching along the coast. Hiking and kayaking are the most popular activities here. If you don’t like to sit still and want to see the real wildlife, Vancouver should be on your route.

5. Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Technically, the main part of the waterfall is located in the United States. But you can see all the beauty of Niagara Falls only from the territory of Canada. That is why we put Niagara Falls in our rating. To cross the other side of the falls there is a pedestrian bridge that connects Canada with the United States, and it has no border patrols on it, class!

This large tourist city has many attractions, and if you came to Toronto for any other reason, remember that Niagara Falls is very close and you simply must go to it. Niagara is a popular venue for weddings, it competes with Las Vegas for the title of the most attractive venue for the wedding ceremony, it was even awarded the title “The most romantic place in the world.”

4. Quebec City, Quebec

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Quebec City is a piece of France in North America. Quebec culture is rich and unique, and nowhere else you will see so much evidence of this, as in Quebec City. The world-famous castle Chateau Frontenac, which was once the French Fort, is located on a cliff above the St. Lawrence River. The Old City is surrounded by a stone wall that once protected the city from the British fleet. Thanks to the City Fortress, Quebec City remains one of the last walled cities in the world.

3. Montreal, Quebec

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Montreal is a wonderful city for those who like to walk, especially alone. No other city will allow you to visit a hill with amazing views of the city; to buy in unusual French shops; dine in the best restaurants in the world; see ancient historical monuments and modern skyscrapers; enjoy the vibrant nightlife; and watch the sun rise and rise in the port – all this can be done in one walk in Montreal! Being the second largest French-speaking city in the world (the first, of course, Paris), Montreal is easily confused with France. However, he certainly has his own authenticity.

2. Banff, Alberta

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Banff is a beautiful city, but sometimes it has too many people. It is best to come here during the off-season. But it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is in the yard, there is always something to see and do. You can come to Banff many times and each time you see a new wild animal: a bear, deer, mountain goat or moose. When you stay at the Banff Springs Hotel, you are guaranteed to enjoy the wildlife. We also recommend that you visit their hot springs. Please note that this hotel is very popular and booked months in advance.

1. Lake Louise, Alberta

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Photography speaks for itself.

Deep in the Canadian Rockies, a large turquoise lake is filled with a river from a millennial glacier. The Fairmont Hotel where you can stay is a world-class hotel and is fully booked for months to come. But do not let this fact prevent you from visiting these places – there are many campgrounds around, stopping at which you will make your trip even more interesting.

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