Top 20 – Canada Attractions

Canada is very different. Here you can endlessly enjoy the beauty of mountains and lakes, wander through forest parks, relax on the ocean beaches. And you can easily visit small France (in Quebec) or England (in British Columbia), Scotland or Ukraine in Lemberg, to plunge into the color of local Eskimo natives. Canadians manage to maintain the stiffness of the British and the recklessness of the French in stunning balance. The country has two official languages. Here for a very long time there was no flag of its own – it was accepted in 60g 20c. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth.

According to statistics, most of the residents are emigrants from other countries. However, Canadians are a close-knit and friendly people. They love hockey since 1887, it was the Canadians who invented their favorite basketball, invented alkaline batteries, an electric stove, a pacemaker, a snowmobile and many others. There are many festivals that attract millions of tourists every year. The winter festival is special. In addition to the festive processions, mass festivities are organized, stunning figures of snow and ice are erected. In the spring, to the tulip festival in Canada, a huge number of flowers are planted and the whole country is blooming.

Canada is recognized as the best country for living and recreation. And you can not argue with this – Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, 1000 lakes, national parks, cozy cities, resort areas are known far beyond the borders of the country. These places are loved by whales and killer whales. Tourists come from all over the world to chat with these animals. From Canadian exotic, don’t forget to buy maple syrup or a dream trap for yourself as a present.

What to see in Canada?

1. Canadian Parliament Building

The building of the Canadian Parliament in 1860 was built in the neo-Gothic style. The architectural complex is divided into three parts: western, eastern and central. In the center stands the Peace Tower, a memorial to the fallen Canadian soldiers in all military conflicts. Here you can climb to the observation deck under the clock. In the east wing, it is interesting to see the Senate Chamber, where the thrones of Canadian monarchs are installed. The ceiling is decorated with gold, and the walls are paintings of the First World War. The western block is occupied by offices of officials. Be sure to visit the library behind the parliament building – a very beautiful building. On a free hour tour you need to take a ticket.

Canadian Parliament Building

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a complex of falling flows on the border of the USA and Canada. This includes American Falls, Bride’s Veil and Canadian Horseshoe. From Canada, Niagara Falls reaches a width of 792m. It is not the highest – 53m, but one of the widest in the world. Do not regret the tour 30 dollars. You can not only see the waterfall, but walk through the tunnel under it and see the history of occurrence in 4D.

Niagara Falls

3. Basilica of Notre Dame de Montreal

Two towers of the most recognizable cathedral of Canada from Montreal are called Restraint and Perseverance. The voices of their bells are heard at a distance of 15 km. Parishioners are proud of one of the largest organs in the world, which consists of 7,000 pipes. The halls of the cathedral are skillfully painted with frescoes, decorated with carvings, murals and gilded statues. A spiral staircase leads to the altar, and the soft light of stained-glass windows pours from the windows. The Gothic temple is delightful inside and out.

Basilica of Notre Dame de Montreal

4. Oratorio of St. Joseph

Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal is a place of pilgrimage. Brother Andre Besset, founder of the basilica, possessed the gift of healing. In the chapel, they even built a wall on which crutches of healed by prayer believers were attached. The oratorio accommodates 2,000 people under a huge 97m dome. Around the oratorio is a beautiful garden with figures of Christ.

Oratorio of saint joseph

5. Royal Ontario Museum

In an unusual building that looks like a cracked crystal, the largest museum in North America is located. The Royal Museum in Toronto united in 1955 5 museums into one. It has about 6 million exhibits from around the world, about 40 galleries. The museum is 157 years old. Here are unique collections of paintings, numismatics, precious stones, anthropological rarities, a collection of ichthyology, invertebrates, the largest ornithological collections.

Royal Ontario Museum

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge

In Vancouver, you can stroll along the amazing footbridge in Capilano Park. Over the canyon, whose depth is 137m, a bridge with a length of about 70m is laid. It seems to soar among the tops of fir trees and gives a pleasant adrenaline from the height, especially at those minutes when it starts to swing. In front of the bridge are Indian totems, there are small souvenir shops. The most beautiful time here is Christmas night.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

7. Banff National Park

Banff Park is also called the Rocky Mountain Park. Here, anywhere you can enjoy excellent views of the mountain peaks. Park is a favorite place for climbers, skiers. Mountain resorts are famous for their hot springs, excellent sports arenas for skaters and figure skaters, and ski slopes. You can stay in the picturesque old town of Banff.

Banff National Park

8. Stanley Park in Vancouver

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the quiet beauty of the ponds, magnificent roses, go jogging or ride a bike, scooter, see rare birds in the local reserve, unusual fish, dolphins and even whales in the oceanarium – all this can be in the city park of Vancouver. Residents named it Stanley Park in honor of the sixth Governor General of Canada. The park is equipped with hiking and cycling trails. The longest trail stretches for 8 km. An interesting attraction is the Indian totems – a tribute to the indigenous people. Among centuries-old trees animals walk freely.

Stanley Park in Vancouver

9. CN Tower

533.3m – the height of the TV tower in Toronto. Be sure to take the elevator to the observation deck in a lift with a transparent floor. From there, a stunning view of Lake Ontario, America behind it. From a height of 446m, Toronto looks like a small anthill. A revolving restaurant with a rich wine list allows you to see the whole of Toronto, especially beautifully at night.

CN Tower

10. The Great Lakes

Canada’s freshwater wealth can only be compared with Greenland or Antarctica. The lake system makes up one fifth of all fresh water on the planet. Lakes Huron, Upper, Ontario, Erie and American Michigan are at different heights and are connected to each other by rivers and canals. There are many coastal hotels where you can stay. These places are loved not only by avid fishermen, but also by divers, kayakers, lovers of silence.

Great Lakes

11. Harbor Center

Harbor Center is the pride of Vancouver. The observation tower reaches 177m, and was built in 1977. Today, offices are located on 28 floors, and for tourists, first of all, an observation platform at 130m height is interesting. From here you can clearly see the whole of Vancouver, the Pacific Ocean, and in clear weather Mount Baker, which is located in the United States. Climbing on a high-speed transparent elevator will add a thrill.

Harbor Center

12. Wood Buffalo National Park

The name of the park translates as a forest bison park. The number of these animals in the reserve reaches 2500. The nature park is open for hiking and water tourism, but there are only one sightseeing road. To drive along it, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules, as there are huge fines for violations. The area of ​​the park is about 44 thousand square meters. km It is open in both winter and summer.

Wood Buffalo National Park

13. Habitat 67

Architect Moshe Sadi in 1966 built an unusual house for the Expo-67 exhibition. Like cubes stacked on top of each other, apartments can consist of one or five blocks. In total, the author used 354 cubes. Each apartment has a balcony, a garden terrace on the roof of a neighbor. This is one of the most expensive residential complexes in Montreal.

Habitat 67

14. The Underground City of Montreal

Montreal residents do not have to go outside to go shopping. They descend underground and here they can find everything that the soul desires. Here, shops, metro stations, cinemas and restaurants are simply fantastic. The designers of the underworld have proved that under the city you can build not only sewers.

Underground city in montreal

15. Frontenac Castle

Since 1893, Princess Grace, Queen Elizabeth, W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt, R. Reagan, A. Hitchhock and others have visited the famous Grand Hotel. Frontenac Castle has seen many famous personalities. It was built in the style of a medieval chateau, combining the Scottish and French Renaissance styles. All interiors are royal-style and have a delicate taste.

Frontenac Castle

16. Thousand Islands

Between the cities of Kinsong and Brookville in the basin of the St. Lawrence almost 80 km scattered the Canadian part of the zone of a thousand islands, which she shares with America. The islands began to be sold in private ownership in the late 19th century and they cost 100-200 dollars. Small romantic corners are built up with castles and cottages.

Thousand islands

17. rocky mountains

On the territory of the Rocky Mountains of the west of Canada, there are five nature protected parks, there are many lakes, glaciers, canyons. Here the origin of the river, which flow into the three oceans. For tourists, there are places remote from civilization and places of outdoor activities that allow you to combine visiting museums, memorable places, the city bustle of bars, restaurants with hiking, rock climbing, cycling and horseback riding, swimming in hot springs. Driving along the Isfield Parkway road will allow you to see ice fields, gorges, snow-capped peaks.

Rocky Mountains

18. The Bay of Fundy

The highest tidal amplitude was recorded in northeastern Canada in Fundy Bay. The mark reaches 16, and sometimes 18m. This is an indescribable sight – 100 million tons of water rush to the shore. A special attraction of the bay are the bizarre cliffs of Hopewell. There are many marine animals in the water area.

Bay of Fundy

19. Montmorency Waterfall

The waterfall is like a wall of water foam. A huge stream of water falls with a roar and noise from 84m high. If you wish, you can climb the well-maintained bridges and enjoy the views of the waterfall, Quebec, the St. Lawrence. A bridge was built over the waterfall. Montmorency can be reached from Quebec by bicycle – it is not far from the city.

Montmorency Waterfall

20. The Johnston Strait

The Johnstone Strait near Vancouver attracts surfers and kayaking enthusiasts. The Strait has also become a world famous center for observing and studying whales. Animals come here to feed, jump out of the water, rub against pebbles. Sometimes they swim right to the boats of curious tourists. Here you can meet a killer whale, seal, dolphin, sea lion.

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