The most beautiful places in Canada


Today in Canada is a national holiday – Canada Day. It was July 1, 1867 that the act was signed, uniting Canada into a single state. In honor of this holiday, we offer a selection of the most beautiful places in the country of maple leaf.

1. Rocky Mountains


This place seems to be attracting to itself – everyone who has already visited this place at least once will definitely want to come back here again and again. Here are popular ski resorts such as Aspen, Vale, as well as the giant national parks of Banff and Jasper. The rocky mountains stretch for miles and become a symbol of the wildlife of North America. It offers superb views of glaciers, mountain peaks, waterfalls, canyons and lakes.

2. Vancouver Island and Johnston Strait


Paradise for surfers, the local waves are incredibly strong. Animal lovers also come here to see killer whales in the waters of Johnston Strait.

3. Lake Louise


The lake is located in the Rocky Mountains mentioned above, but deserves special mention. The water in this lake is bright turquoise, which is very unusual. Perhaps this is why there are so many tourists here – this is one of the most visited places in Canada.

4. Churchill, Manitoba


Fans of animals from all over the world come here, because only here you can see polar bears and many other animals in their natural habitat. This city is called the capital of polar bears. And this is not surprising: while walking, you will certainly meet at least a couple of them. In the middle of winter you may be lucky enough to see the incredible beauty of the northern lights, and in the summer beautiful wildflowers. This means that this small town, with a population of about 1000 people, has something to offer you all year round!

5. Nova Scotia


This is a place with a very rich history. Pier 21 was the Gateway to Canada for thousands of immigrants who arrived here on American liners. Now it is one of the museums in Canada. This place is also called the “Titanic Cemetery”, which got its name because many passengers of the famous “dream ship” are buried in this place.

6. Niagara Falls


It may not be the tallest and widest waterfall in the world, but certainly the most famous. This waterfall is formally divided into the American and Canadian sides. In the city of the same name, you can get acquainted with this natural wonder, as well as see it from a bird’s eye view by taking a helicopter ride.

7. Toronto


Toronto is Canada’s largest city. Here is the highest skyscraper in North America – the CN Tower. Its height is 553 meters. From the observation deck of the tower you can see all the surroundings of the city, and in fine weather, Niagara Falls, located 140 km. from here.

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