Laravel Tutorial

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What is Laravel (Definition of Laravel)

Laravel is a PHP framework based on MVC( Model View Controller). Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell. it’s created for a web developer who needs simple & powerful inbuilt features to creates a powerful web application.

Laravel Initial Release: June 2011

License: MIT License

Written in: PHP

Developer(s): Taylor Otwell

Official Website:

Objective to Learn Laravel

This full laravel tutorial series is for those student & developers who want to learn how to develop full-featured website using laravel framework. To learn this tutorial of laravel you don’t need any experience of laravel it’s totally from scratch and step by step learning.

Important Before Learning Laravel

To start learning this laravel tutorial series first at least you need to know about HTML, Core PHP, object-oriented concept. if you don’t know these technologies then I request to learn first then come here to learn laravel step by step from scratch.

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