Laravel Introduction

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History of Laravel Framework

In PHP there were many frameworks developed before laravel. So, it’s important to understand why laravel becomes more popular among them?

Laravel was first released in June of 2011 as a beta version, it was completely written from scratch. this was laravel 1.

After then Laravel 2 & 3 were quickly released in November 2011 & February 2012, respectively. These two versions of laravel was come with many powerful features like controllers, Command line Utility, ORM relationships & migrations.

With Laravel 4, Taylor has rewritten the entire framework from scratch. At this time
Composer, PHP’s now-ubiquitous package manager, showed signs that Industry Standard and Taylor saw the value of rewriting the framework as a collection of Components distributed and bundled by Composer.

Taylor developed a number of components under the code name Illuminate and in May 2013 has released Laravel 4 with a completely new structure. Instead of bundling most of its code As a download Laravel now has a large part of its components from Symfony (another The framework, which has released its components for use by others) and the Illuminate components by composers.

Laravel 4 also introduced queues, a mail component, facades, and database seeding. And
Since Laravel now relied on Symfony components.

The release of Laravel 4.3 was scheduled for November 2014, but later in the development, it became clear that the meaning of his changes deserved a major version, and Laravel 5 was published in February 2015.

Laravel 5 included a revised directory structure, removal of the form, and HTML helpers. the introduction of contract interfaces, a flood of new perspectives, socialite for social media Authentication, Elixir for Assembling Assets, Scheduler for Simplifying Cron, Dotenv for Simplified Environment management, form requirements, and a brand new REPL (read-evaluate-print loop).

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Advantages of Laravel

Laravel has many advantages for its developers to make full-featured web applications.

  • Larvel saved time for developing web applications because laravel provides many components that you can reuse in your application.
  • it provides a clean architecture to manage code in different directory structures easily.
  • Laravel includes namespaces & interfaces, so it’s helpful to manage resources.
  • Inbuilt Authentication created by just single line command.
  • Define & manage Routes of a web application from just one file called routes.php or web.php.
  • Provides facility of t provides ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and ActiveRecord implementation.
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