Laravel Installation

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To install laravel there are many methods but here we will install laravel with a very easy method just do the following steps to install laravel quickly.

How to Install Laravel

Follow all of these below-given steps to install laravel.

Step:1 – Download Composer and install it in your system.

To download composer just go to this link:

Why Composer to Install Laravel

Composer managing dependencies in laravel. that’s why it is important to note that you must need to install composer in your system before installing laravel.

Step:2 – Once the composer installed in your system, open Command Prompt, and type “composer” to check whether the composer installed successfully or not. If it looks like this image then your composer is properly installed.

How to download & install composer

Step:3 – Now, just move your command prompt path to WAMP OR MAMP project directory called “www” or any other folder and type following command to install laravel.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Where the “blog” is your laravel project name, You can take any name here.

After entering the command, you will see this type of output-

Laravel Installation

When laravel installation is completely downloaded, you will see download successful message on command prompt.

Step:4 – After the successful installation of laravel just type the following the command to start laravel server.

php artisan serve

Start Laravel Server

Step:5 – Now, your laravel server started and you will see one IP address as output just copy that address & paste it to any browser and you will see laravel default welcome page.

Laravel Welcome Page

That’s all, Congratulations your laravel Installed & up to develop a web application.

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