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What’s so special about laravel? why laravel is so popular? all answers are given in the below features of laravel.

Top Laravel Features

  1. Modularity
  2. Testability
  3. Routing
  4. Configuration Management
  5. Query Builder and Eloquent ORM
  6. Schema Builder
  7. Template engine
  8. E-mail
  9. Authentication
  10. Redis
  11. Queues
  12. Event and command bus

Laravel provides following powerfull features that make laravel so different from other web framework and make it the best choice for a web developer to make a web application.


In laravel most important 20 libraries available as a built-in that helps to improve the application. Every built-in module is integrated with the Dependency Manager to get easy updates.


Laravel provides in-built utilities to test different types of test cases. This feature is really helpful to manage code as per requirements.


In laravel whole, web application routes define at just one single file called ‘web.php’. This routing mechanism help developer to easily manage web application routes.

Configuration Management

Laravel web application executes in any environment. which means configuration is constantly changing according to requirement. it provides a consistent approach to managing the configuration of web applications in an efficient way.

Query Builder and Eloquent ORM

In laravel there is a query builder tool that helps to query databases using chain methods. it also provides an implementation of ORM( Object Relational Mapper) and Eloquent for ActiveRecord.

Schema Builder

Laravel provides Schema Builder to manage database structure in the PHP code. Also, any changes to database migrations are logged.

Template engine

In Laravel there is an in-built lightweight Blade Template Engine to manage code in blocks. it contains a block that generates dynamic content.


Laravel also gives you an E-mail class that facilitates you to send e-mail easily with content & attachment.


Every web application contains authentication features to authenticate users. Where in laravel authentications features like login, registration, forgot password provided by just one command of make: auth.


Redis uses to interact with the current session and cache. Redis connects directly with the session.


Queues services in laravel used for sending multiple emails to users with proper order. These queues feature to make easy to manage the task without waiting.

Event and command bus

Event & Command Bus introduce in laravel 5.1, which helps to execute commands and triggering events easily.

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