16 most beautiful places in Canada

Canada is not only maple leaf and hockey, this country is diverse, spectacular and unique. What beautiful places await those who decide to visit the northern beauty?

Niagara Falls

Niagara falls knows the whole world. But this is not just one waterfall, but a whole complex of flowing water flows on the Niagara River. The noisy water element was formed due to the Wisconsin glaciation, which ended 6000 years ago. Niagara Falls is Fata Falls, American Falls, or Horseshoe, many call it Canadian Falls.

Lake louise

In the rocky mountains there is a stunning beauty of Lake Louise and its uniqueness is in an unusual bright turquoise, like an emerald, color. The lake appeared due to the massive glacier, and the rock, which dissolved in the glaciers, gave the lake such a stunning color. The lake, named after Queen Victoria’s daughter, is the most popular tourist destination.

Churchill, Manitoba

A small town on the coast of the Hudson Bay is called the capital of polar bears. People come here to see not only bears, but also other animals that live in a natural environment. In the middle of winter, another natural miracle is observed here – the northern lights, and in summer beautiful wildflowers grow here. So a town with a population of 1000 people has something to offer its guests.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is Canada’s smallest province that was once the gateway to thousands of immigrants. This place is also called the “Titanic cemetery”, because many people who could not survive during the crash of the legendary ship are buried here.

Cathedral Grove

On the banks of the Cameron River there is a place of amazing beauty, namely the Cathedral Grove, where ancient pseudo-trees grow. In the grove you can find specimens that are already more than 800 years old, their height reaches 75 m and a girth of 9 m. The Cathedral Grove is known not only throughout Canada, but also throughout the world. Each year, about a million tourists visit it to see with their own eyes all the greatness of nature.

Dinosor Park

Alberta has a Dinosor park, but everyone calls it Dinosaur Park. After all, it was here that the remains of more than 500 dinosaurs belonging to 40 species were found. Walking through the park, you can see the excavations, see expositions of how the remains are searched, and admire life-size copies of dinosaurs.

Hopwell rox

To find out what is at the bottom of the ocean, you can even without special equipment if you visit the Hopwell Rocks. The thing is, every day in this place the water leaves the Bay of Fundy and gives everyone the opportunity to wander along the bottom of the ocean, see bizarre rocks, as if in a gallery. Sometimes the area of ​​low tide can reach two kilometers, and during high tide, water rises by 16 meters.

Algonkin Park

One of the oldest parks of Canada is the Algonquin National Park. It is here that you can see the real wonders of nature. There are lakes and forests in which bears, moose, deer and wolves live. Canoes and hiking trails are the best ways to explore the park. The park is especially popular in the fall, when tourists come here to see the bright and colorful autumn landscapes.

Ellesmere Island

Ellesmere Island is the most remote place on Earth and it is always cold here, with an average annual temperature of -10 ° С. But it is on this end of the Earth that the Kuttinirpaak National Park is located with a large number of glaciers, volcanic rocks and seven fjords.


This largest city in Canada is called a small copy of New York, only more clean and tidy. The city is famous not only for its CN tower, which is considered the tallest building in the world, but also attracts with the fact that here huge skyscrapers intersect with numerous parks in which squirrels live, and locals arrange picnics.


In the small town of Quebec is the most impressive hotel in the world – Chateau Frontenac. The hotel is built in the style of a medieval French castle and today is a symbol of the entire French-speaking province. The town of Quebec has been over 400 years old; it captivates with its public gardens covered with flowers and attracts with elegant mansions.

National Parks Banff and Jasper

Banff and Jasper Parks are the most picturesque places, the beauty of which is difficult to describe. Everywhere mountains of different heights, bathed in the sun and covered in snow. Pines grow on their slopes, and rivers meander between them; lakes fascinate with its mirror-like purity.

Cabot Trail on Breton Island

Cabot Road is a 950 km long winding road that runs along the hilly scenic landscape of Cape Breton off the coast of the Atlantic itself. Lovers of hiking, wildlife, camping and kayaking go this way.

Montmorency Waterfall

Just 20 minutes from Quebec, you can see Montmorency Falls, which is 30 meters taller than Niagara Falls. Around such an eye-catching sight of Canada, special paths are laid leading up to the bridge, over which you can pass over streams of water falling from a cliff.

Oratorio of St. Joseph

On the hill of Mont Royal is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph. The oratorio is one of Canada’s historical monuments. Inside the oratorio on the wall you can see crutches of the healed parishioners, also there is the ark with the heart of St. Andre Bessett.

Whistler mountain

The most pompous ski resort in Canada is Whistler Mountain. Famous politicians, movie stars, and even the royal dynasty come here on vacation. Two twins, Blackcomb and Whistler, rise above the resort’s surroundings, the elevators of which are lifted by funiculars, and from there you can already ski down.

Canada is also a rodeo in Calgary, Canada’s most famous holiday. And in July, Alberta reincarnated in Texas with cowboys, military bands and fire engines, which were used in the middle of the last century.

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